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For years the only really viable colour option for GRP composite doors has been the manufacturers "standard issue" green, red or blue. Now with DoorColour a whole new world of colour opportunities opens up and customers can get a real choice..

A colour choice says something about you and your mood. It’s a personal statement and we are finding that homeowners who have been keen to add a splash of colour from an infinite colour palette on the inside, are now looking for the same freedom of choice for their front door.

With DoorColour we offer a “standard” range of 22 colours that have been carefully selected to offer a broad spectrum of colour and have proven to be popular choices but with the computerised formulation system it is also possible to choose from the full Pantone, RAL and  British Standards ranges as well as colour matches to many of the leading paint companies such as Farrow and Ball and Dulux.

If you are unsure of what colour do go for take a look at these links and get an experts view.

Standard Colour range

standard colours

→ Standard Colours

Ral, Pantone, BS, Dulux or Farrow & Ball

Our range of 22 colours are designed to give a broad spectrum of colour and are based on popular door colours from as far back as the Victorian era, through the Art Deco Period right up to today. However, there is a particular colour that you have in mind and nothing else will do, our colour matching service e nsures that it is not a problem. With our computerised mixing system we can accurately recreate colours from all the major paint manufacturers as well as the RAL, British Standard and Pantone colour palettes.

ral swatches

→ RAL, Pantone Colours

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